The Avenger: The Cradle of Doom (11/28/1941)

by · February 15, 2010

“The road to crime ends in a trap that justice sets. Crime does not pay.”

Originally published in The Avenger magazine from September 1939 until September 1942. The radio broadcast of the Avenger was aired from 1941 to 1942, with James Monks portraying the Avenger and Helen Adamson playing Fern Collier, his assistant.

Jim Brandon, famous biochemist, through numerous scientific experiments, has prefect two inventions to aid him in his crusade against crime: the Telepathic Indicator, by which he is able to pick up thought flashes, and the secret Diffusion Capsule which cloaks him in the black light of invisibility. Brandon’s assistant, the beautiful Fern Collier, is the only one who shares his secrets, and knows that he is the man the underworld fears as The Avenger!

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